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Orinoco River
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Orinoco Delta and more ....

The Orinoco Delta in Venezuela is accessible and still a virgin Its network of innumerable small and large rivers allows us to venture into galleries spectacular unspoiled. They use speedboats to get stronger as deep as permitted by Delta. Then we switched to smaller boats with smaller engines, and finally, we do...


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Orinoco River Discovery

Christopher Columbus, on his third voyage in 1498, sighted the Great River Orinoco Delta Delta, but no suspect was found on the shores of the American continent, as the expeditionary historians have ...

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Why not try a cruise on the River incredible. Mix the beauty of adventure, fun and relaxation, while cruising along the Orinoco River. ...

The meaning of the Word Orinoco

In the language of the Indians Guarauno, (rio) Orinoco means "a place to paddle". During the last 7000 years, the Guaraunos (Guaraú, Warao, Warao) have inhabited the lowlands and swampy Delta Amacur...

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