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Upon arrival at the camp there is a brief tour and guests are given time to settle in their rooms before heading out to the day's activities.


Accommodation and Amenities:

Authentic experience for travelers

By creating an authentic experience for travelers who wish to understand the true Orinoco Delta.

Directed by Explorepartners, a wide range of experiences, from here, from fishing for piranhas to explore the jungle in search of tasty snacks.

In the middle of the jungle in the Orinoco Delta. Coming from Caracas or Isla Margaita, you can fly to Maturin or Puerto Ordaz, from there reach Orinoco or the port of Boca urachus. Private flights can be chartered to Tucupita airport.

The camp has its own fleet of canoes

Accommodation and Amenities: They have a tropical environment, accentuating the atmosphere aventura.Con large restaurant with thatched roof and is open to the outdoors, with a bar itself is rather tropical wooden structure painted in bright colors bright and stool waiting under thatched roof.

For general camp has its own fleet of canoes and motor boats to transport guests.

Meals: Guests will enjoy meals in the huge open-sided restaurant / dining room, the kitchen is plentiful and filling, just what you need before a day in the rain or after a long day of fishing for piranhas!

Activities: Boat trip on the river in search of wildlife, observe freshwater dolphins as the sun sets over the delta, enjoy jungle treks and know the way of life of the Warao Indians. Fishing for piranhas that can not be missed, as hooks baited with raw meat and wait for the dramatic bite. Bring your catch back to the lodge, where the chef can hit a tasty snack piranhas!

With our tours Stays in different parts of the forest. The guides are local and indigenous Warao.

Child Policy: Children are allowed, but not recommended.

Responsible Tourism:

Through work with the Warao Indians in the whole process of construction and operation of the cottage, there have been enormous benefits to both parties. As the guests who acquire experience and knowledge as well as learn about the culture, traditions and ways of life in the Orinoco Delta. Besides coming to share their lives and experiences, Warao Indians benefit from more jobs and health care. Also, through combined efforts, directing a school to educate young children Warao. Teaching them about their lifestyles now and practical tools (like building a canoe, make fire and to properly dispose of the trash), and the impact of tourism in their civilization, they are arming the children of today and the future ...

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