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The "Sapoara" is a tasty fish, which only appears when the river begins to nod, ie stops growing, only achieved by these places. In no other part of the world and regional geography this species appears only between the Orinoco and between areas of the municipality and the municipality Heres Sucre. When the Orinoco grows "The Sapoara" starts to drop, down the river to the sea, but does not reach the salt water. Is returned before reaching Puerto Ordaz and back the river to return to orilleras gaps where it spawns to start the cycle next winter traveler.

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sapoara 2 This variety of fish only with cast net fishing, since they do not bite. The curiareros stretch their networks from guided boat paddles, or from scaffolds, which replaced with the arrival of the pier, the Laja "The Sapoara".

"The Sapoara" gastronomic tradition of Bolivar state, is a fish that is abundant in the vicinity of the Orinoco and Caroni, is famous in Ciudad Bolivar and generally in all coastal areas of the Orinoco River. This fish is prepared in stew, fried, stuffed and roasted. It is defined by experts as the most characteristic and distinctive fish Ciudad Bolivar for his habit of appearing once a year, one of the few places where you can fish, ride against the Orinoco in Ciudad Bolivar.

Fishing for Sapoara, occurs exactly opposite the pier where the boats arrive carrying the residents of Bolivar and Soledad, there follow the great feast of the city during the month of August each year internationally known as "The Fair Orinoco ".

Once a year during the month of August is celebrated in Ciudad Bolivar, Annual Fair Saopoara, this fish is the best known of the Orinoco River, and can only be caught during the month of August.

In this exhibition visitors include people from other places and inhabitants of Ciudad Bolívar in different activities: Presentation of musical groups, exhibition and sale of handicrafts, shoes, belts, clothes and souvenirs to both domestic and foreign tourists love to shop.

As part of the fair is a regional competition among fishermen see which experienced man engaged in fishing can catch the biggest Sapoara that year.

Also contributing to the rescue of the cultural values ​​of the region are performing arts and takes effect the Queen Election where pretty girls competing for this precious Guyanese reign.

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