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Rio Orinoco

One of the longest rivers in America

The Orinoco River

Why not try a cruise on the River incredible. Mix the beauty of adventure, fun and relaxation, while cruising along the Orinoco River.

The Orinoco River is said to be one of the longest rivers in South America, is located in Venezuela and is about 1500-1700 miles long. There are many beautiful birds, interesting and unusual that can be seen on the cruise, herons hummingbirds of chattering monkeys and even wild. If you are really lucky, you might just be the one to see dolphins jumping in the water or swimming giant otter, or the famous anaconda.

There are options for a two-day cruise or even up to a week

The duration of the cruise may vary, depending on your choice. There are options for a two-day cruise or even a week or more. The rooms are mostly simple, but very comfortable, with good service, and even be able to sleep in a hammock, which is perfect for a person looking for adventure. You can also have boat rides, strolls through the forest, fishing, swimming and piranha.

Visit the indigenous Warao

It must do on your trip would be to visit the local village Warao Indians. These villagers live in houses on stilts high, called stilt houses, which are built on the river bank. Their lifestyle is completely focused on the Orinoco River, and using canoes as their only means of transportation. They are expert fishermen and hunters, and they are also amazing artisans who can create animal figures carved white wood baskets and hammocks made of palm fibers moriche. Each visitor must make a trip to visit their communities and experience the wonders of these fascinating indigenous cultures.

Do not miss an exciting Orinoco river cruise for you and your family. Bring your camera, binoculars and sun hats for this will be an experience you will never forget. Reserve now!

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