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River Boat Orinoco

For over twenty years, "Navigate the Orinoco" is a leader in river cruises & small boats in the Orinoco Delta and its tributaries from the Atlantic. Being the pioneer in cruise boats in these rivers. Conquer here an extensive experience in logistics, and knowledge about this place rarely seen by visitors.

Best tour and accommodation

Regular departures weekly.

We offer regular departures like a weekend cruise with three different routes, the "Route Orinoco River", the "Walking the Black River" and "Ruta del Rio Orinoco." Each cruise explores a different region, forming a complete experience of a visit to the Delta, including a visit to the "Meeting of the Waters". You enjoy being in several jungle walks, canoe or walking, will know and understand the ecology of the Orinoco, learn about survival situations, education and health of the natives.

Typical boats in Orinoco

The cruises are available in one category of vessel typical of the Orinoco. The flotilla traditional boats (Bongos) offers comfort and facilities:

All boats were designed exclusively for navigating the Orinoco River and its tributaries. With years of industry experience, we included many innovations to make the most comfortable rides possible and always offering a perfect interaction with nature. With shallow draft vessels are experts to visit many areas that are inaccessible to other boats, and our canoes are used for rides Igarapés (streams) and Igapós (flooded forests).

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