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Orinoco aerial view A 90% of total water generated annually as surface runoff corresponds to the right bank of the Orinoco River and 15% generated in the rest of the country.

The river water Venezuelan territory directed towards two major maritime aspects: the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

The Atlantic, covering 82% of the national territory. Receives water from the Orinoco River Basin, San Juan and Guanipa and tributaries of the left bank of the Essequibo River, as Cuyuni River Basin.

The Orinoco, Venezuela's main river, divides the territory into two sections of approximately equal areas. This river drains 70% of the country, receiving flows provided by its tributaries from the Andes, the Cordillera de la Costa, the Llanos and Guayana. Orinoco River-map


The Orinoco River basin covers 880,000 square kilometers, of which approximately 640,000 km ² correspond to Venezuela. His mainstream, the Orinoco River, 2,063 km long, has its source in the Amazonas state in Sierra Parima in Cerro Delgado Chalbaud (1,047 m) on the border with Brazil and serves as integrator of 96 river basins older who contribute their waters as tributaries, among which are: Meta, Cinaruco, Capanaparo, Apure, Arauca and other on its left bank and Caroni, Caura, Aro, Pao, Cuchivero, Ventuari, among others, on the right bank.

It is also part of the Atlantic slope Black River Basin, which in turn is a member of the Amazon River basin. Map!

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