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A rites-orinoco Makiritare legend speaks of God as creator of man Wanadi, plants and animals on the face of the Earth. But they say there was a river just across the road and the Indians dome yekuana were the only tribe that dwelt. But the Indians were dying of thirst at such nonsense, because their god had placed too far from the channel populated and misery reigned among habitantes.Los Indians were not allowed to continue to die needlessly and decided to send Kashishi expedition mode, the Ant divine the sky, looking for long-awaited water. Kashishi walked many days at the earliest possible knowing that every step to give false could amount to a life within the yekuana.

He walked and walked tirelessly, night and day, ignoring dexhaustion and dehydration. The image of his people made him strong and persistent in its mission.

Ant finally reached the river and observed with amazement the enormity of such a creation. Its majestic waters Kashishi received a slight wave that emulated that of the seashores. Once back, the Ant Tribe told the location of the river that could be given to drink, but it was a unique path that led away from where they lived. Thus, in despair and going to the survival instinct, the wizard of the tribe prayed to Wanadi.

This caused an effect compassionate God, who, appreciating his efforts, he extended his right hand and drew a two fingers with a great groove from east to west forming the famous river Orinoco and its tributaries. The villagers were eternally grateful and never died of thirst. Also learned that the river wealth brought them creating and leveraging bene crops orinoco legend ings than those possessed mighty waters.

They never forgot the trip so brave of Ant. Nor could never get away from your memories that were saved from certain death. And, in the moments where modern day hesitate make the yekuana of their own faith, look to the Orinoco River that reminds a finger groove Wanadi.


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