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What does the word "Orinoco" mean?.

Orinoco Delta 2 Orinoco "a place to paddle"

In the language of the Indians Guarauno, (rio) Orinoco means "a place to paddle". During the last 7000 years, the Guaraunos (Guaraú, Warao, Warao) have inhabited the lowlands and swampy Delta Amacuro (Venezuela), and parts of Guyana and Suriname. The etymology of his name means aproximadamante "boat people" or "river people".

Warao children learn to paddle before you even start walking

Indeed, Warao children learn to paddle a bongo (built canoe hollowed trunk of a tree) before you even start walking. their small huts are supported by stilts that rise above the surface of the Orinoco river. his life revolves around the river, from its channels can sail to places across this vast river flow. This determined the name of the country itself.

Orinoco aerial view Little Venice

When Alonso de Ojeda, first sailor to explore the Orinoco river after its discovery by Christopher Columbus saw the houses where the Indians lived, the place called "Little Venice" for its resemblance to the construction of houses on stilts as performed in the city of Venice in Italy.



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