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This territory mainly dominated by the Warao Indians is located in the eastern part of Venezuela, and is the product of an immense accumulation of Quaternary sedimentary. For many centuries the river formed one of the largest deltas in the world and its banks fed by more than 200 major rivers traces an arc of 2150 kilometers embracing an area of ​​nearly 40000 square kilometers.

A vast and unknown place in the World with a special endemic flora / fauna.

The Flora here corresponds to the formation of swamps and quagmire: Forests with evergreen species formed by hydrophilic low and wetlands: Morichales, Mangroves and Savannahs.
A varirty of fauna where the fish stand out with four eyes, Caribs, catfish, guabinas and snook. Here you find reptiles like the Orinoco crocodile, alligator from the coast, the morichaleros babos and llaneros; among mammals include the manatee, porpoise, giant otter, capybara, monkeys, sloths and rodents. 187 species of birds among which the heron palette, frigate bird, red corocora, osprey, and the blue and yellow Macaws.

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