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Caño Manamo, Boca de Uracoa, Delta Amacuro, 6401, VE
Mobile: +58 424-2828820, Telephone: +58 212-2842015
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Orinoco Queen Camp is a rustic comfortable and adapted to the natural conditions surrounding the camp. The lodge offers 13 rooms between doubles, and triples each with its own bathroom overlooking the river and terrace, all rooms with double bed, mosquito nets, bath / cold water. A plant provides electricity during the day if guests need.
Queen offers visitors tours to the jungle, piranha fishing, walk through the sewers of the Orinoco Delta birdwatching, water dogs, monkeys spiders among other native species spectacular place.
Visit the mangroves and pristine jungle of the Warao and enjoy the abundance of flora and fauna in this intricate maze of canals that form one of the largest deltas in the world.

- Personal Care, baggage handling.
- Organization of expeditions to rivers, mountains, forests.
- Restaurant.

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General & Area activities

We invite you to enjoy our expedition in the Orinoco 3 days and 2 nights, includes the following services:

* Domestic flights from anywhere in the country to Maturin.
* Assistance arrival at the airport Maturin.
* Transfer land Maturin - spring Boca de Uracoa - Maturin.
* 2 nights accommodation in comfortable cabins with private bathrooms.
* 3 full day excursions with different itineraries. (See attached itinerary).
* All meals from breakfast the 1st day to lunch on the last day.
* Night excursion on the river to take photos crocodiles.
* National non-alcoholic beverages.
* Bilingual guide (Spanish- English - German).

Children 3 to 10 years have 20% discount.

Fixed departures on Tuesdays and Fridays.

We leave from the boat dock Uracoa towards Camp, lasting approximately an hour and a half to reach the camp we will notice right away that is surrounded by a dense jungle and the great Rio Orinoco. From the comfort of the boat you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna such as Jacintas water, river dolphins, otters, anacondas and turtles. Along the river bank you will see indigenous communities raised on water called "HANOCOS".

In the morning we will make a short excursion to observe red howler monkeys that can be spotted in the upper foliage. There will be opportunity to observe river dolphins and enjoy the beginning of the day in a "hanoco" Warao. Upon returning to camp we await us breakfast and then a brief pause will have an excursion once again. We will go piranha fishing and bird watching. Upon returning to camp for lunch after a visit to a Waraos hanoco in which we can appreciate its inhabitants show their extensive skills with basketry and hammocks Palma Mauritius or moriche. Enjoy the sunset to return to camp and dinner.

After breakfast we make a short and interesting sailing in a canoe through a gallery forest located near the camp. After lunch return to Boca de Uracoa to continue our journey towards next destination.
This tour is possible in two days.

Price per person includes:
All items in listings in the itinerary
All meals and soft drinks during the tour.
Local Tour guide throughout the trip
Local camp accommodation in comfortable rooms with bathrooms.
Note: terestres shuttle is offered from Ciudad Bolivar, Puerto Ordaz return to Boca de Uracoa at additional cost.

Check in - Check out times

Check in: 15:00 - Check Out Time: 12:00.


Maturin Airport

Other transport

Take a flight to Manuel Carlos Piar Airport in Ciudad Guayana, from Alid use public transportation (bus), take a taxi or rent a car to get to the inn, hotel or tour end.

Policies & disclaimers

1) Responsibilities: Orinoco.Travel is responsible for contracts and agreements with its customers in providing all our services. And is not responsible for wars, strikes, delays, fires, accidents and their consequences, epidemics, destruction of the mechanisms of government acts, theft, pilferage or any other cause beyond the company and related accidents outsourcing of services or delays in flights and transfers of commercial airlines. The company is not responsible for any consequences arising from the use or possession of drugs or narcotic substances in our programs and services.

2) Documentation: The tourist must bring their identity documents and consular visa problems if the defect of the passport or the lack of consular visa, the company is not liable for any costs incurred by the delay or total loss of services.

3) Refund: Cancellation of contracted services by tourists, will be as follows: Eighty percent (80%) 30 days before the start date of services. The seventy-five percent (75%) 15 days before the date of commencement of services. Fifty percent (50%) until a week before the start of services. Twenty-five percent (25%) until 72 hours before the service started.

4) No refunds if you have inadequate travel documents, leaving the tour at any time or use their services voluntarily for the traveler. In case of rain or bad weather or other reasons that could jeopardize the safety of tourists, the company reserves the right to change, without the tourist is entitled to claim or recover.

5) Claims: All claims must be submitted in writing to our office within forty-eight (48) hours following the conclusion of the service.

6) All conditions of employment services are considered accepted by:

1 - Acceptance of coupons ranging customer services by email, fax or any other mechanism.

2 - the acceptance of vouchers ranging services to customers by email, fax or any other mechanism.

3 - The use of any part of the contracted services.

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Queen Lodge Average Rating: 10.0 - Total Votes: 1

Value for money
This reviewer told us :

We was there, realy nice place, and nice people. And the german guide name Tino, he is walking encyclopaedia. We was met like a family members. The name "Orinoco Queen" it's not only the name, that guys realy care about nature, and damage of people to flora and fauna. They don't use things which could make that damage. Camp is build with the help of "waraos" indians. That small and nible guys assisted us during all trip. Time there was amazing.


We saw monkeys, some kind of snakes, clear water dolphins, and more. Food was also good.




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Comodo cabaña a las orillas del Rio con muy buen vista con comidas, bebidas, paseos y visitas a comunidaes indigena Palafito Doble 1 30 Monday, 23 January 2012 Thursday, 01 May 2025 155€ Per person per day 2 99

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