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Orinoco Delta

The Orinoco Delta in Venezuela

is accessible and still a virgin.

Its network of innumerable small and large rivers allows us to venture into galleries spectacular unspoiled. They use speedboats to get stronger as deep as permitted by Delta. Then we switched to smaller boats with smaller engines, and finally, we do like the Warao Indians did it for thousands of years, we went into 2.1 channel meters canoes. With the sounds of explosions and screaming howler acute curiosity of Blue and Gold Macaws protesting our invasion, the effects are unforgettable.

The most exciting thing is navigate

The great river of Venezuela, the Orinoco superb, ranks third in importance among the rivers of America with 2,060 km in length. The most exciting thing is navigate and a little, visiting beaches in summer, await the sunset under the Bridge of Angostura, dolphins or just observe the waters cerquita feel when you see it from Ciudad Bolivar. In the month of April every year is organized Crossing the Orinoco where hundreds of swimmers participating in Venezuela and the world. An event.

Both escaped to love and this is how the rivers merge

Orinoco is rather warm and current endeavors to take you elsewhere. The legend says that the waters are a couple of different indigenous tribes who were not allowed to love. As it should be, both escaped to love and this is how the rivers merge into intense embrace seven miles below. The reality is a matter of density. The Orinoco has much sediment and not let the Caroni was one until both have had enough water and mix.

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