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In Bolívar state the famous "Stone of the medium," rock formation in the middle of the Orinoco River, between the towns of Ciudad Bolivar and Soledad. Alexander Von Humboldt called "the orinocómetro" because the people of the city used it to keep track of the rise and fall of the water level. Legend has it that beneath the stone between are galleries that are scattered throughout the city and have them live as a snake with seven heads.

The last sighting of the monster was in 1988, the year in which a multitude of bolivia, with lights and cameras, managed to photograph at night several shades of the alleged head of the snake. The images adorned the front pages of local newspapers that year.

In the mid-twentieth century, the University of East sent an oceanographic vessel for research on the Orinoco River, and the diver who dived to explore the river, around the middle Stone, asked in a fit of nerves that go up quickly because I had seen a monster.

The result of the expedition, threw the conclusion that in front of the stone is a huge pit 160 meters deep, funnel-shaped. It is very curious that at that point they have lost several boats over the years and that have reported so many blows to the structure of the ship.

This story is much like that told in Greek mythology. The story of the Hydra recounts the presence of an animal, a seven-headed snake, which lives and protects underwater entrances to the underworld.

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